Experience excellence in clinic oriented body mind therapy

Cassandra offers a wide variety of top quality services to fit your needs. You will be helped by me to determine the best services for your needs and will receive the kind of quality and value you can only get from a trained professional. Please note: prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

$75/hr Regular          $70/hr Seniors          $65/hr Military and Military Spouses

Yin-Yang (Fluids+Tissues)

Blended therapies for  complete fluid and tissue support

Reflexology (Foot + Hand + Ear)

Reflexology is a form of massage and acupressure which employs your body´ s hidden meridians and pressure points to direct healing energies and promote healthy organ functioning.

Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage)

  This  Deep tissue massage employs greater pressure and works along specific muscular and meridian zones to relieve deep knots and tension that have built up in your body. This form of massage can also facilitate the release of lactic acid in your muscles to detoxify and improve circulation. Deep tissue massage is recommended for individuals who have received massage therapies previously and desire a deeper and more intense massage. Also those with acute and chronic physical ailments may benefit.

Jin Shin Acu-touch (The Tai Chi of Healing Touch)

 A clothes-on table modality that gently energizes and soothes the deepest meridians of the body. Two points on the body are held at the same time in specific patterns to effect a healing response.
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Service Policy

Please call or text (619)871-3020 to schedule an appointment. No walk-ins accepted.   Covid-19 screening required for entry and masking is recommended.