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Cassandra offers a wide variety of top quality services to fit your needs. You will be helped by me to determine the best services for your needs and will receive the kind of quality and value you can only get from a trained professional. Please note: prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

$75/hr Regular          $70/hr Seniors          $65/hr Military and Military Spouses


Supportive modalities that support the function of the fluid systems

Danish Lymphatic Drainage

 Very slow, rhythmic touch is gently applied to reduce edema and pain. A profoundly relaxed state results. Especially suited for fibromyalgia and other auto-immune disorders, as well as post-surgical swelling.

Swedish Circulatory Massage

  A traditional massage modality which employs effleurage (stroking) and percussion techniques. This is the classic massage style that has proven effective for years in providing stress relief, pain reduction, and increased mobility for trouble spots. Be sure to mention if you are suffering from any injuries or skin conditions before scheduling this service.

Chinese Luo Massage

The meridian points that activate fluid movement are gently stimulated for a soothing effect.


A gentle relaxing therapy based on the balancing the perceived pulsation of the cerebrospinal fluid.
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Service Policy

Please call or text (619)871-3020 to schedule an appointment. No walk-ins accepted.   Covid-19 screening required for entry and masking is recommended.